Image by Tim Reckmann via License: Creative Commons is officially saying goodbye to Christmas vacation. Before we close the shutters, we still have lots of gifts for our loyal readers – but you have to take part in a survey.

2023 was an interesting, sometimes wild year that left us Bitcoiners and crypto disciples with a nice rally that brought us prices that we last saw in the summer of 2022. This is a good way to end the year.

We’ll end it here with a survey in which we want to know from you what you expect for 2024. To encourage you to work through the questions, I have some gifts for you. Because I recently started sorting out books. Everything that I won’t read a second time and that doesn’t serve as a reference work will be thrown out, including some works that I read with great interest.

Since it’s part of my job to read most of the books about Bitcoin, crypto and blockchain, and since publishers like to send me books on them, I’ve accumulated a nice collection of crypto books. Since I don’t really need them, I’m offering them here as gifts, along with a few books that fit the topic well.

I hope you can read the titles? This will become important later. But first a second, slightly less blurry photo:

And as a bonus I have an audio book CD of my own book:

Make a note of which book you would like to have. Because you can wish for it – if you take part in the survey that follows shortly. At the very end you can write your email address and your request in a text field. I will contact you next year when the blog resumes its work.

If the survey doesn’t appear here, you can also fill it out directly on Crowdsignal. The format there may also be more convenient or easier to read.

But first of all, thank you very much – for taking part in the survey, for reading the blog, for sharing the posts and for diligently commenting. Until next year!


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