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Cryptocurrency trader and investor Brian Kelly sparked debate in his appearance on CNBC on Wednesday (22). This is because, according to Kelly, a Solana spot ETF (SOL) is the next target for the traditional market in the United States.

According to Kelly, after the approval of Bitcoin ETFs (BTC), the market’s attention continues to be focused on Ethereum (ETH). But when cryptocurrency ETFs are approved, Solana will gain the market’s attention. The trader called this set “the Top 3 cryptocurrency ETFs).

Kelly’s speech took place on CNBC’s Fast Money program, one day before the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rules on at least one Ethereum spot ETF. This decision should have a strong impact if the SEC approves the ETH fund.

Kelly’s comment also highlights Solana’s great growth from 2023 onwards, especially its memecoin ecosystem. In this sense, the network even surpassed Ethereum and today has some of the most profitable and promising memecoins for the current bull cycle. Check out what they are and take advantage of the opportunities:

Dogwifhat (WIF)

The cute meme of a dog wearing a cold hat took the community by surprise. With less than a year of launch, WIF has already surpassed the profitability of large cryptocurrencies, with an increase of 200,000% in just a few months.

Furthermore, today memecoin is the most valuable on Solana, with almost US$3 billion in market value. It is also the memecoin with the highest unit price (around US$2.40), but this does not stop WIF from remaining among the biggest bets on the market.

The main advantages of memecoin are the existence of a strong community ready to help memecoin increase in value. In fact, WIF holders even crowdfunded to place the memecoin logo on Sphere, in Las Vegas, one of the most expensive advertising spots in the city.

With the support of a loyal community, a rising price and a strong image appeal, WIF could become one of the biggest beneficiaries of the approval of a Solana ETF. Have you ever imagined the big billionaires on Wall Street indirectly exposing themselves to WIF?


Before the WIF phenomenon, another memecoin gained space within Solana: BONK. It became popular in the second half of 2023, when Solana airdropped BONK for those who had the Saga smartphone, developed by Solana.

Until that moment, the Saga was seen as a sales failure, but the arrival of BONK changed its fate. The success of memecoin was such that smartphones gained new life in the secondary market, as people wanted to buy them to be able to receive memecoin airdrops.

Due to high demand, BONK increased in value by more than 50,000% and launched the memecoin phenomenon on Solana. Today it is worth US$2.3 billion, but there are still those who expect new airdrops and developments from memecoin. And if that happens, its price could gain prominence in the current market cycle.

Book of Meme (BOME)

The Book of Meme project aims to provide users with an optimized Web3 experience by offering a secure and integrated platform for exchanging cryptocurrencies. But what really draws attention is your proposal to bring together several memes in one place.

In this sense, the network’s purpose is to serve as a global repository of Internet memes, a kind of “time capsule”. With this, the network aims to save the history of memes for posterity. But it also operates in the NFT sector, seeking to provide real utility and new functionalities to non-fungible tokens.

The project introduced a new token, BOME, through a pre-sale and distribution that took place in early 2024. This token has two functions: it acts as a governance token, allowing users to vote on projects on the network, and also can be sold in exchange for other cryptocurrencies.

The BOME pre-sale was an absolute success and the token appreciated by more than 10,000% on the first day of its launch. Today, BOME is one of Solana’s “blue chips”, with more than US$870 million in market value.

Sealana (SEAL)

Inspired by a famous character from the cartoon South Park, Sealana is a memecoin that is in its pre-sale phase. And just like what happened with BOME, this memecoin could register one of the biggest appreciations of 2024.

First, Sealana has already raised over $2.3 million, which means over 50,000 SEALs sold in less than a month. Each token is priced at US$0.022 and this value is fixed, meaning Sealana does not have pre-sale rounds or price increases. Simply connect your Solana wallet, make your purchase, and acquire your SEAL tokens.

And if you want to know if Sealana has great upside potential, just remember that Slothana, a cryptocurrency with a similar theme, appreciated by 500% in the first four days of launch. Therefore, you can still purchase your SEAL tokens before the pre-sale ends and take advantage of the exponential appreciation that this memecoin can bring.


Finally, the memecoin that has the most revolutionary project among all on this list, Dogeverse has two main attractions: multi-chain and staking. And both make this project one of the most revolutionary and successful of 2024.

In the case of multi-chain, Dogeverse can connect with several different networks – it is the first memecoin in the world that offers this proposal. Using a bridge system, Dogeverse users can exchange their tokens on networks such as Ethereum, Solana, Base and others, in addition to being able to use these blockchain services.

Furthermore, anyone who buys DOGEVERSE tokens and does not want to sell immediately can leave them on the network’s staking service, which pays returns of over 50% per year. It also has a supply limited to 1 billion tokens, which increases its appreciation potential.

For these reasons, Dogeverse was a complete success in its pre-sale, raising more than US$10 million in the first 30 days of launch. Another memecoin with a similar proposal, Dogecoin 20, rose more than 250% on its debut, but Dogeverse’s innovations could make its price go much further.

If you don’t want to miss this movement, take advantage of it while there’s still time. Visit the official pre-sale website and secure your tokens at a fixed price before launching on exchanges.

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