The roller coaster of Italian football tricks has exploded again. This time, the matter has to do with various Serie A footballers who are being investigated for their alleged participation in an alleged network of clandestine betting. The case is still confusing but there is at least three players Italians in the eye of the hurricane: the well-known Juventus midfielder Nicolò Fagioli, the Newcastle defender Sandro Tonaliand the Roma player on loan this summer to Aston Villa Nicolò Zaniolo. All of them are being investigated by the Italian sports authorities, for a plot in which, according to the local press, another 30 people could also be involved.

The new scandal, which this Monday continued to attract great attention from the Italian media and spark endless controversies among observers, was first leaked at the end of last week, after Tonali and Zaniolo suddenly abandoned a facility the italian section in which they were training for a European championship match. The context: police He had gone there to question them and he ended up hijacking their phones and tablets. The same thing also happened to beansaccording to Italian media.

The accusation is quite serious. According to article 24 of the FIGC (Federaciones Giuoco Calcio) regulations, professional players are prohibited from betting on FIGC, UEFA and FIFA matches. Therefore, if proven, they could be sentenced to up to three years of disqualification and one fine of 25,000 euros. Of course, his career would also be in serious danger of ending.

Gambling addiction

Something that has a chance of happening, at least in the case of Tonali and Fagioli. In fact, the first has confessed that has a serious gambling problem and has begun to heal. Tonali has also said that he has made himself available to the FIGC to lead a campaign against this disorder. On the other hand, according to the Italian newspaper La Repubblica, Fagioli has confessed to the Turin prosecutors of the FIGC that Tonali helped him install an application on your phone with which he could bet.

Hence, for both, both a future participation in the selectionlike in the Euro Cup (if Italy qualifies), it seems quite difficult. Fewer details are known, however, about Zaniolo, who has denied being involved in the scandal.

Even so, according to local media, in principle those who run all risks It’s just them, and not their respective clubs. Although other people could also be affected, such as his teammates, if it is proven that they knew about these bets and did not report them. In this case, they would face a fine “not less than 15,000 euros” and disqualification “not less than six months.”

Ancelotti’s support

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In fact, some well-known figures in Italian sport have closed ranks with the soccer. One of them has been the Italian Carlo Ancelotti, coach of Real Madrid. “It was a serious oversight on the part of the players who have fallen into this gambling system and need to be treated. On a scientific level, problem gambling is an illness“, he stated on the radio program ‘Radio Anch’io Sport’.

“That said, for me it is an individual oversight and involving all of Italian football seems to me a little exaggerated“added Ancelotti, who also defended the group of footballers. “Most of them [los futbolistas] They are serious, professional young people who know very well what rules they must respect,” he said. very serious scandal italian clandestine betting occurred in 1982when even a then well-known sports director was splashed, Luciano Moggi.


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