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Worldcoin, the controversial cryptocurrency project that offers tokens in exchange for iris scanning, recently announced that Argentina, not Brazil, will be the new “nerve center” of its operations in Latin America.

In a press release, the Worldcoin team said it intends to open 50 service locations in more than 10 Argentine cities. In addition, it will open two stores dedicated to technological education and exploration of the project.

These new service points will feature so-called Orbs, devices used to scan people’s irises and verify their identities, a process called World ID. Users who go through this procedure will receive WLD tokens as a reward.

Founded in 2019 by Sam Altman, also creator of OpenAI, and Alex Blania, Worldcoin aims to expand its operations in Argentina. The company aims to offer professional opportunities to developers, software engineers, analysts and other technology specialists.

The company made the decision to establish headquarters in Argentina following a meeting with Argentine President Javier Milei in San Francisco, California.

Worldcoin na Argentina

Martín Mazza, regional manager of Tools for Humanity, highlighted that Argentina has a robust technological ecosystem and qualified human capital. This makes the country the ideal place for developing tools aimed at the era of artificial intelligence (AI).

According to Mazza, Buenos Aires will become an important regional hub for these efforts. In this way, collaboration with the local community will be essential to promote the development of AI and financial inclusion in the country.

For Worldcoin, the choice of Argentina highlights the strategic importance of Latin America in its expansion plans. The project already has a significant presence in countries such as Brazil, Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico, and plans to continue growing in the region.

Since beginning its operations in Argentina last year, Worldcoin has already scanned the iris of more than half a million Argentines. This represents about 1% of the population.

However, the project faces legal challenges in other parts of the world. Countries like Spain, Portugal, Hong Kong and Kenya, for example, have expelled Worldcoin due to data security concerns.

In some cases, there were questions about the participation of minors in the project, despite the company’s repeated assurances that private data is protected and that minors are not accepted.

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