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Today, June 27, at 10 pm (Brasília time), Uruguay and Bolivia will face off at MetLife Stadium in the second round of Group C of the 2024 Copa América. The match promises to be very exciting, especially after the teams’ contrasting debuts. Uruguay is riding high after a convincing 3-1 victory over Panama. Meanwhile, Bolivia is looking for redemption after its defeat to the United States.

Uruguay, led by Marcelo Bielsa, seeks to consolidate its position at the top of the group and guarantee early qualification for the round of 16. The celestial team has a solid defense, reinforced by players like Ronald Araújo and Mathias Olivera, and an efficient attack with Darwin Núñez, Giorgian de Arrascaeta and Facundo Pellistri. Furthermore, the team has the experience of Federico Valverde in midfield, which makes Uruguay a difficult opponent to beat.

On the other hand, Bolivia, under the command of Antônio Carlos Zago, enters the field under pressure to obtain a positive result. The Bolivian team has promising players such as Bruno Miranda and César Menacho, who can surprise the Uruguayan defense. However, Bolivia needs to adjust its defensive system, which showed vulnerabilities in the first round. Recovery is essential to keep alive the hopes of advancing in the tournament.

The head-to-head record between the two teams largely favors Uruguay, with 31 wins in 46 matches. However, Bolivia could benefit from the pressure on Uruguay and try a quick counter-attack strategy to look for the upset of the round.

Will Bolivia be able to surprise Uruguay? Or will we see Celeste confirm her favoritism? Stay tuned to follow the complete analysis of the best bets for this confrontation!

Uruguay vs Bolivia Predictions for the 2024 Copa America

Here we have separated the best ODDS for the game:

  • Instant Casino will pay 1.18 on Uruguay’s victory (1×2)
  • TG Casino is paying 4.50 if there is a draw or Bolivia win (Double Chance)
  • LuckyBlock is paying 1.66 for over 2.5 goals during the match
  • WSM is paying 1.03 on a Uruguay win with a draw returning the bet

Instant Casino will pay 1.18 on Uruguay’s victory (1×2)

The odds of 1.18 for Uruguay to win offered by Instant Casino reflect confidence in Celeste’s favoritism. Uruguay has historically performed solidly against Bolivia, winning 31 of 46 meetings. Furthermore, the Uruguayan team started the Copa América with a convincing victory over Panama.

Led by top-quality players like Darwin Núñez and Federico Valverde, Uruguay boasts a potent attack and a well-organized defense. Marcelo Bielsa, the coach, is known for his attacking strategy and meticulous preparation. Therefore, betting on Uruguay to win seems like a safe and smart choice, considering their record and the team’s current form.

TG Casino is paying 4.50 if there is a draw or Bolivia win (Double Hypothesis)

For bettors looking for high returns with calculated risks, TG Casino offers an odds of 4.50 for a Bolivian draw or win. Although Bolivia started the tournament with a defeat, the team could surprise with a robust performance.

The Bolivian team, led by Antonio Carlos Zago, can adjust its defensive flaws and seek a quick counterattack. This type of bet is ideal for those who believe in the unpredictability of football, where any team can surprise on an inspired day.

LuckyBlock is paying 1.66 for over 2.5 goals during the match

The odds of 1.66 offered by LuckyBlock for more than 2.5 goals in the match suggest an open and offensive game. Uruguay, with its powerful attack, tends to create several scoring opportunities. Furthermore, Bolivia, in desperate need of points, must adopt an aggressive stance.

This approach could lead to a high-scoring game, as both teams have defensive vulnerabilities to exploit. Therefore, this bet makes sense for those expecting a dynamic match full of attacking action.

WSM is paying 1.03 on a Uruguay win with a draw returning the bet

For a safer bet, WSM offers 1.03 on Uruguay winning with a draw and a return on your stake. This option minimizes risk, guaranteeing a return on your investment in the event of a draw. Given Uruguay’s current form and their history against Bolivia, this bet is ideal for those who want a guaranteed return without taking on too much risk.

History of clashes between the teams

Uruguay and Bolivia have a long history of clashing in South American football. These clashes often result in exciting and unpredictable matches. The head-to-head record between these teams largely favors Uruguay, reflecting their superiority in the footballing arena.

Firstly, the two teams have faced each other 46 times. Uruguay, with its solid and efficient style of play, has won 31 of these encounters. On the other hand, Bolivia has only managed 8 victories. This contrast highlights the consistency and strength of the Uruguayan team over the years. Furthermore, there have been 7 draws, showing that Bolivia can occasionally hold off Uruguay’s momentum.

In official competitions, such as the Copa América and the World Cup qualifiers, Uruguay continues to demonstrate its superiority. The Uruguayan team has a robust defense and a powerful attack, factors that often guarantee their victory over Bolivia. Games between these teams often showcase Uruguay’s superior skill and strategy.

Where and when will the match valid for the Copa América 2024 be played?

The match between Uruguay and Bolivia, valid for the Copa América 2024, will be held at the MetLife Stadium, in New York (USA), today at 10pm (Brasília time). This game promises to be an exciting moment of confrontation between two teams with different histories, but a common passion for football.

To keep up with all the crucial plays and decisions, you can watch the game live on Sportv (pay TV) and Globoplay (streaming). For those who want to increase the excitement of the game, Instant Casino offers real-time betting opportunities and live coverage throughout the match!

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