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In the long-awaited clash between Ukraine and Belgium, scheduled for June 26th, at 1:00 pm, both teams are preparing for a decisive duel at Euro 2024.

Ukraine, after a difficult journey in the qualifiers, managed to secure its presence in the tournament and seeks to surprise with its aggressive and technical style of play. With players like Mykhailo Mudryk and Artem Dovbyk leading the attack, the Ukrainian team shows promising potential to challenge any opponent.

Meanwhile, Belgium, an established force in European football, face the pressure of their heightened expectations. After a disappointing performance at the last World Cup, the team is determined to redeem itself at the Euros. Boasting seasoned veterans like Kevin De Bruyne and Romelu Lukaku, as well as young talent like Jérémy Doku, Belgium are looking to balance their mix of experience and youthful energy to achieve success.

The clash promises to be a test of skill and strategy, with both teams seeking to impose their style of play from the opening whistle. Ukraine will need to deal with Belgium’s defensive pressure as they look to capitalize on their attacking opportunities. On the other hand, the Belgians must face the Ukrainian speed and determination, as they seek to control the midfield and capitalize on their scoring chances.

For a detailed analysis of the best bets for this exciting clash, read on and discover the opportunities that could make the difference in this crucial Euro 2024 game.

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Predictions for Ukraine x Belgium – Euro 2024

These are the best ODDS for this game:

  • Instant Casino Offers 5.00 for Ukraine Win (1×2)
  • TG Casino is paying 1.74 if both teams score
  • LuckyBlock offers 1.37 for over 2.0 goals in the match
  • WSM will pay 2.10 if there is at least 1 VAR review

Instant Casino Offers 5.00 for Ukraine Win (1×2)

Ukraine enters the game as underdogs, reflected in the high odds offered by Instant Casino. This bet could be attractive to bettors looking for a value bet, considering that Ukraine has shown the ability to surprise in big games. With players like Mykhailo Mudryk in good form, the team can exploit potential vulnerabilities in the Belgian defense to seek a crucial victory.

TG Casino is paying 1.74 if both teams score

This bet is based on the offensive capacity of both teams. Both Ukraine and Belgium have talented players who can unbalance the scoreboard at any time.

Ukraine have shown consistency in scoring goals, especially with Artem Dovbyk leading the line, while Belgium have Romelu Lukaku, a proven goalscorer. Both teams are motivated to score, which makes this bet a logical choice for those expecting an open and exciting game.

LuckyBlock offers 1.37 to over 2.0 goals in the match

This bet focuses on the expectation of a game with many goals. With offensively talented players on both sides, like Lukaku for Belgium and Mudryk for Ukraine, there’s a good chance we’ll see more than two goals.

Both teams need to win, which could lead to a more open game prone to scoring opportunities. This bet is ideal for those who expect a dynamic confrontation with frequent chances of finding the net.

WSM will pay 2.10 if there is at least 1 VAR review

The introduction of VAR adds an element of unpredictability to modern football games. In a game as important as Ukraine vs. Belgium, where critical decisions can determine the outcome, at least one VAR review is likely to take place. This can occur in situations of contested penalties, disallowed goals or red card cases, increasing tension and uncertainty during the match.

For bettors looking for an extra element of excitement, this bet offers a unique opportunity to closely monitor crucial decisions that can influence the final outcome.

Where and when will the European Championship match take place?

The match between Ukraine and Belgium, valid for Euro 2024, will take place tomorrow at 1pm. For those who want to follow this confrontation, you can watch it on CazéTV and also on Instant Casino.

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