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This Saturday, the Netherlands and Turkey face each other in a decisive clash in the quarter-finals of Euro 2024. The game takes place at the Olympiastadion in Berlin, starting at 4 pm (Brasília time).

The Netherlands, led by Ronald Koeman, are coming off a shaky group stage campaign but showed strength in the round of 16 by dominating Romania. With a solid defence led by Van Dijk and a dynamic attack, the team are seeking their first Euro semi-final in 20 years. Cody Gakpo, the Dutch’s leading scorer, highlights the team’s motivation to create new memories and achieve victory.

Turkey arrive on the back of three wins in the competition, including a round of 16 triumph over Austria. Despite a defeat to Portugal in the group stage, the Turks have demonstrated efficiency on the counterattack and from set pieces.

However, they will face the Netherlands without defender Demiral, who was suspended for inappropriate behaviour. Even so, youngster Arda Guler, who stood out in the last game, expressed confidence in his performance and the Turkish fans in Berlin.

Koeman and Montella, the Netherlands and Turkey coaches respectively, have yet to repeat their starting lineups for this Euro 2020, which adds an element of surprise to the clash. The Netherlands are likely to field Verbruggen; Dumfries, De Vrij, Van Dijk and Aké; Reijnders and Schouten; Malen, Simons, Gakpo; Memphis Depay.

Turkey, in turn, will likely start with Gunok; Muldur, Akaydin, Bardakci and Kadioglu; Ayhan, Ozcan; Guler, Çalhanoglu and Yildiz; Yilmaz.

This game promises to be one of the most evenly matched of the quarter-finals, with both teams determined to advance. The Netherlands are slight favorites, but Turkey have the potential to surprise.

For those who follow closely, it’s worth checking out the best bets for the game!

Netherlands vs Türkiye Euro 2024 Predictions

These are the best odds so far:

  • Instant Casino will pay 1.59 on a Netherlands win
  • TG Casino is paying 1.74 for over 2.5 goals during the match
  • LuckyBlock is paying 2.05 if there are less than 2.5 goals during the match
  • WSM will pay 2.10 for at least one VAR review

Instant Casino will pay 1.59 on a Netherlands win

Betting on the Netherlands to win could be a smart option for this clash. The Dutch team is coming off a convincing win against Romania, where they dominated the game both defensively and offensively.

The team, led by Van Dijk in defense and with Gakpo in great form in attack, showed significant improvement after the group stage. In addition, the Netherlands have a slightly favorable record against Turkey, with 6 wins in 14 meetings.

TG Casino is paying 1.74 for over 2.5 goals during the match

Betting on over 2.5 goals in the match looks attractive considering the playing styles of both teams. The Netherlands have a potent attack, with players like Gakpo and Depay known for their finishing ability.

On the other hand, Turkey also have effective strikers like Yilmaz and have shown a knack for scoring goals, especially from set pieces. With both teams focused on progressing to the next round, we are likely to see an open game full of goal-scoring opportunities.

LuckyBlock is paying 2.05 if there are less than 2.5 goals in the match

For those who believe in a more tactical and defensive game, the bet on under 2.5 goals could be interesting. Although both teams have firepower, they also have solid defenses.

Van Dijk’s Netherlands showed a solid defense against Romania. Turkey, even without Demiral, have a defense that can hold off the opposition’s attacks. Furthermore, decisive games like this often tend to be more cautious, with teams prioritizing defensive solidity.

WSM will pay 2.10 for at least one VAR review

Given the importance and intensity expected from this game, it is quite likely that VAR will be called upon to review crucial decisions. The Euro Cup, in previous matches, has already shown that the use of VAR can be decisive in decisive moments.

Given Turkey’s physical style of play and the Netherlands’ attacking prowess, the likelihood of controversial situations requiring a review is high. WSM offers an interesting bet for at least a VAR review.

Where and when will the Euro Cup match be played?

The match between the Netherlands and Turkey for Euro 2024 will be held at the Olympiastadion in Berlin this Saturday at 4pm (Brasília time). This clash promises to be intense and full of emotion, with both teams looking to qualify for the next round.

To watch the game, you can tune in to CazéTV, which will be broadcasting the match live and for free on YouTube. Additionally, if you’re interested in betting, Instant Casino will be streaming the match live, for free and with betting tracking!

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