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The match between Venezuela and Mexico promises to be one of the most exciting clashes of the Copa América. Today, at 10pm, at SoFi Stadium, in Inglewood, California, the two teams enter the field to compete for a place in the quarterfinals.

Both teams debuted with victory in Group B, adding three points each. Venezuela surprised Ecuador with a 2-1 victory, while Mexico faced difficulties, but managed to beat Jamaica 1-0. Therefore, tonight’s clash is of crucial importance for both teams.

Venezuela, who arrived at the Copa América with modest expectations, impressed on their debut. He took advantage of Enner Valencia’s expulsion and, despite being behind on the scoreboard, managed to turn the game around with goals from Jhonder Cadiz and Eduard Bello.

Now, the Venezuelan team seeks to maintain the momentum and secure a victory that would practically guarantee their passage to the next stage. However, facing Mexico will be a greater challenge, as the Mexican team is traditionally strong and is determined to advance in the tournament.

On the other hand, Mexico also has its strengths. Despite encountering unexpected difficulties against Jamaica, the team managed to get the necessary three points. The narrow victory showed the team’s resilience and ability to overcome adversity.

Now, the Mexican team aims to continue its campaign with another victory, which would consolidate its position in the quarterfinals. The team is looking for a more convincing performance to reassure its fans and confirm its favoritism. Let’s check out the best bets for this match!

Predictions for Venezuela x Mexico for Copa América 2024

If you want to bet on this match, these are the best ODDS so far:

  • Instant Casino will pay 1.72 on Venezuela win or draw
  • TG Casino is paying 1.99 if both teams score points
  • LuckyBlock is paying 2.28 for over 2.5 goals during the match
  • WSM will pay 2.59 if Venezuela scores the first goal

Instant Casino will pay 1.72 on Venezuela win or draw

Opting for the double chance is a solid strategy, especially in balanced matches like this. With this bet, you have two chances of winning: if Venezuela wins or if the game ends in a draw. This type of bet is useful when you believe that the Venezuelan team has the potential to surprise, but are not yet completely confident of a direct victory.

Venezuela showed strength in defeating Ecuador, especially taking advantage of the numerical advantage after the expulsion of an opposing player. Therefore, considering a bet that covers both a win and a draw could be a smart choice. This option offers a greater level of security and a reasonable probability of return.

TG Casino is paying 1.99 if both teams score points

Betting on both teams to score is a popular option in games where attacks are strong and defenses can be vulnerable. Both Venezuela and Mexico showed offensive capabilities in their opening matches at the Copa América.

Venezuela scored two goals against Ecuador, and Mexico scored a decisive goal against Jamaica. With both teams looking to secure their places in the quarter-finals, we are likely to see an open game full of scoring opportunities.

LuckyBlock is paying 2.28 for over 2.5 goals during the match

If you’re expecting an action-packed game full of goals, betting on over 2.5 goals could be an excellent choice. Venezuela have shown that they can score even against stronger teams, and Mexico have a history of being an attacking team.

With both teams needing a victory to guarantee qualification, it is reasonable to expect an open game, where goals can happen frequently. Betting on over 2.5 goals considers the need for both teams to be aggressive and seek victory, which could result in a high score.

WSM will pay 2.59 if Venezuela scores the first goal

Betting on Venezuela’s first goal could be an interesting strategic choice. Venezuela came out strong against Ecuador, taking advantage of the numerical advantage and showing aggression in the attack. By scoring first, the team can gain confidence and put pressure on Mexico.

With odds of 2.59, this bet offers a good return, especially if you believe that Venezuela has the ability to start the game at a fast pace. By scoring the first goal, Venezuela can set the pace of the game and force Mexico to chase the loss, creating an interesting dynamic for bettors.

History of clashes between teams

In many games, Mexico demonstrated its superiority. For example, in friendly matches played in recent years, the Mexicans have often emerged victorious, taking advantage of their tradition and experience. They won most clashes with Venezuela, standing out for their offensive strength and tactical organization. This was evident in matches such as the 3-1 victory in 2016 and the 2-1 triumph in 2011.

However, Venezuela also had its moments of glory. In some games, they managed to surprise and show progress. In 2009, for example, Venezuela managed to draw 2-2 with Mexico, demonstrating its ability to compete at a high level. This particular game was proof that although the Mexicans have a historic advantage, Venezuela can be a challenging opponent.

Where and when will the Copa América 2024 match take place?

The match between Venezuela and Mexico, valid for Copa América 2024, will be held this Wednesday, June 26, at 10pm (Brasília time). The clash will take place at SoFi Stadium, in Inglewood, California, on the outskirts of Los Angeles, United States. Fans can watch live on SporTV, which will broadcast all the details of the game. For bettors, Instant Casino offers the best ODDS and live coverage!

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