In a move that could revolutionize financial interactions between citizens and the government, U.S. Congressman Matt Gaetz has introduced a legislative proposal that would allow Bitcoin to be accepted as a valid form of payment for federal taxes. If approved, this measure would mark a significant step forward in the integration of cryptocurrencies into U.S. government operations.

Currently, the proposal awaits approval in legislative bureaucratic procedures, emerging in a period where cryptocurrencies are gaining more and more space in the US political scene. This initiative occurs simultaneously with President Joe Biden’s decisions to intensify engagement with crypto experts, while Donald Trump amplifies his campaign in favor of cryptocurrencies.

Matt Gaetz, in his recent statement, instructed Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, “Today, I introduced groundbreaking legislation to modernize our tax system, requiring @U.S. Treasury to implement a program to allow federal income taxes to be paid with Bitcoin. By enabling taxpayers to use #Bitcoin for federal tax payments, we can foster innovation, increase efficiency, and provide more flexibility for American citizens. This is a bold step toward a future where digital currencies play a vital role in our financial system, ensuring the U.S. remains at the forefront of technological advancement.”

Additionally, there is a call for Yellen to lead the resolution of related tax issues without the need for financial intermediaries. The legislation also covers contractual aspects of receiving payments in Bitcoin, specifying the fees and responsibilities involved. Importantly, the bill determines that these new rules will apply to payments made one year after their official implementation.

In the United States, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) already requires that cryptocurrency transactions be reported and taxed. At the state level, places like New Jersey, Kentucky and Colorado are already at the forefront with regulations that allow the use of cryptocurrencies to pay taxes.


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