Trezor, a renowned manufacturer of cryptocurrency hardware wallets, has just raised the bar in security and ease of use with the launch of the Trezor Safe 5. This new model, revealed at the recent BTC Prague 2024 event, comes equipped with significant advancements, intended for both novices and experienced users looking for greater control over their digital assets.

The Trezor Safe 5 stands out for its secure element chip with the sophisticated EAL 6+ certification. The intuitive design includes a color touchscreen with haptic feedback, and robustness is ensured by a Gorilla-Glass cover, which protects the device from scratches and other physical damage. Additionally, the wallet introduces a new form of initial backup for recovery, using the 20-word Shamir backup system, which provides a safer recovery method in cases of loss by dividing the private key into multiple shares.

In addition to hardware, Trezor is innovating customer support with the Trezor Expert service. For $99, new users can schedule one-on-one sessions online, where Trezor experts offer in-depth guidance on setting up and operating the wallets securely. β€œThis gives them the opportunity to explore the security considerations of self-custody in more detail as they cover topics such as private key management and secure online practices,” explained Matej Zak, CEO of Trezor, during the event.

Additionally, Trezor has expanded its product line with a Bitcoin-only version of the Trezor Safe 3 and Trezor Safe 5 wallets, available to a select group of customers. This version focuses exclusively on Bitcoin, eliminating features related to other cryptocurrencies, but maintaining the same level of security.

The Trezor Safe 5 is now available for pre-order for US$169, promising to be an essential tool for those who value security and autonomy in the daily management of their cryptocurrencies.


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