An altcoin trading expert known for his accurate predictions suggests that a Solana-based meme token (SOL) could be entering a new bullish phase.

Bluntz, an analyst who prefers to remain anonymous, highlighted two altcoins on X that are particularly standing out with upside potential: dogwifhat (WIF) and (FET).

Bluntz notes that WIF is showing signs of an upside recovery after a sharp correction that took its value down from a peak of $4.83 to $1.46. He elaborates: “Starting to feel confident that the bottom is in for WIF. Not only did we get a nice 70% correction from the peak to the low to $1.46, but the structure worked out in three extended waves, exactly as I wanted. We also now have a five-wave impulsive rally from the lows, the first in months. This is likely a significant bottom, while 1.46 holds in my opinion, I am now fully allocated to WIF again.”

Bluntz’s Elliott Wave theory suggests that bullish trends in assets typically occur in five upward waves, followed by a three-wave correction. The charts analyzed by the trader indicate that WIF has completed a five-wave recovery cycle on the hourly chart, preparing to break above $3 after completing an ABC correction.

Bluntz is also optimistic about the future of the artificial intelligence-focused altcoin (FET). He notes that the FET is exhibiting signs that the correction phase has come to an end, projecting a promising outlook for the cryptocurrency. “FET is my AI narrative choice. -68% drop from peak to trough, retesting the previous all-time high and the retracement structure is clear as the third day waves descend. I think this is a bottom and this one is going to go turbo.”

At the time of publication, the price of WIF was quoted at US$2.27, registering an increase of 12% in the last 24 hours. At the same time, (FET) was traded at US$1.42, showing an increase of 7% in the same period.


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