In a development for the SOL ecosystem, Solana’s performance will be boosted with a $1 million bug bounty program, which is expected to launch for the Firedancer client later this week.

Specifically, Firedancer, a new independent validator client, is expected to benefit the ecosystem in a number of ways: increasing security and improving the overall performance of the Solana network.

Cryptocurrency company Jump Crypto has announced an action by its team that is introducing a $1 million bug bounty program. The program is intended for Solana developers who find bugs and fix vulnerabilities in Firedancer.

The bug bounty program is scheduled to launch on July 10. This will be the first program of its kind for Firedancer, which will aim to strengthen the security of the Solana blockchain.

Cantelope Peel, a pseudonymous developer involved in the project, provided a recent update on Firedancer in a post on social media platform X on July 7.

“We are actively working on and testing our first versions of Solana’s consensus and fork selection algorithms. – We are also working on live voting and various other small details around this. – Millions of execution slots have been tested and match the Solana protocol. – Differential fuzz testing is happening across the entire runtime, from the SBPF ELF loader to native program execution. – The first version of Firedancer (v0.1, aka Frankendancer) enters its first bug bounty program soon (July 10th, more posts on this soon)!” he wrote.

Solana to lead expansion of new cryptocurrency market, estimates former Goldman Sachs executive

Will Solana (SOL) lead the next digital asset market boom? This rather optimistic view was shared by macroeconomics guru and CEO of Real Vision, Raoul Pal, in a recent video.

According to the expert’s prediction, Solana will be responsible for taking the cryptocurrency industry out of its price stagnation and, in addition, will enter a new phase of bullish market activity. Also on the occasion, the former Goldman Sachs executive also highlighted in his recent statement his optimism regarding the Solana cryptocurrency because of two important additions to the blockchain.

“Two things that impressed me about Solana that I really liked, other than the fact that there are a lot of developers building on it… There were two big things that really interested me [em Solana]. One of them was NFT (non-fungible token) compression, which means that NFTs can be opened up for different use cases, whether it’s ticketing, whatever, even derivatives contracts. Compressed NFTs allow for massive scaling of NFTs at a low cost.

So, it was Firedancer that really made me cross the line, made me go all in on Solana, where now 90% of my crypto allocation, which is 100% of my liquid net worth, is in Solana. [Isso] It may be silly to some of you, but I think market concentration is the right way to do things when you have everything correlated,” he wrote

At the time of publication, Solana was trading at $140.29, up 0.6% in the last 24 hours.


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