In a significant development on the Bitcoin network, the number of new BTC addresses reached a notable milestone recently amid the return of retail investors, according to observations shared by cryptocurrency analyst Ali Martinez on June 29.

According to data released by the analyst, the network presented a peak not seen since April, increasing new addresses to 352,124.

“Bitcoin retail investors are back! The number of new $BTC addresses on the network has increased to 352,124, marking the highest level since April,” Martinez wrote.

The expert also noted that approximately 14,000 Bitcoin tokens have been sent to cryptocurrency exchanges in the last four days. The approximate amount transferred during this period is around US$851.20 million.

The price of the largest cryptocurrency on the market has seen sharp drops in recent days, reaching the $60,000 range. This movement served as a great opportunity for investors to accumulate more tokens for their portfolios. In view of this, Martinez highlighted the purchase of the recent Bitcoin dip. “Someone bought the Bitcoin dip! Over 20,200 $BTC, worth $1.23 billion, was sent to accumulation addresses…”, he wrote.

Analyst Predicts Bitcoin to Surge to $66,000 Soon

The Bitcoin (BTC) market has seen a sharp decline in recent days, hitting a low of $60,700 recently following a significant move by the United States government this week. However, a renowned cryptocurrency analyst has recently shared a prediction that the largest cryptocurrency’s price will rise soon.

In his technical analysis, cryptocurrency expert Ali Martinez noted that Bitcoin currently appears to be forming a bottoming pattern called “Adam and Eve.”

According to the analyst, given this scenario, Bitcoin is signaling an increase in its price that could take it towards the US$66,000 level. Martinez’s analysis was shared on June 27 in an X post.

At the time of publication, the price of Bitcoin was quoted at US$ 60,896.19 with an increase of 0.3% in the last 24 hours.


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