Experience the new basketball season with NBA sports betting. Find out the odds and predictions for upcoming basketball matches.

Thirty teams. Two Conferences. Six Spanish players in search of the ring. The 2022-2023 NBA season promises strong emotions and at MARCA Apuestas we want you to experience all the excitement from the first minute with the best nba sports betting. Know all the forecasts and score a triple with the most attractive odds!

NBA sports betting odds

The best basketball league in the world can be even more exciting if you do your NBA sports betting with very interesting odds.

You decide in each game how you want to play and you can win the most attractive prizes, narrowing down your options in the section that is most beneficial for you.

Bet on each complete match, by halves or by quarters. Give emotion to this sport!

The biggest sporting event of the season awaits you with plenty of options. Do you already know who is your favourite?

NBA Sports Betting Tips

NBA sports betting has very varied forecasts at MARCA Apuestas. Check all those NBA forecasts to win your sports bets with great prizes at your fingertips.

To place your bets on the NBA, the forecasts you can find will tell you about the big favorites, the statistics of each franchise, the fittest players… and much more!

Do you want to follow the Spanish players more closely? Don’t miss the reports about Ricky Rubio (Cavaliers), Willy Hernangómez (Pelicans), Juancho Hernangómez (Raptors), Santi Aldama (Grizzlies), Usman Garuba (Rockets) and Serge Ibaka (Bucks).

Knowing all the data, you can improve your NBA sports betting to try to achieve interesting prizes this season.

What information do you need? Hit scorer, rebounds, assists, period in which the most points are scored, fouls… You’ll find it all! So you can play increasing your chances of success.

Does overtime count in basketball betting?

As you know, In basketball there is no tie. Only one of the two teams can win. That is why there is an extension. And the final result of each game depends on it.

That means that the matches could be infinite until one of the two opponents wins. It is one of the magical qualities of this sport.

And that also means that In basketball betting, overtime counts! Unlike in football, which does not usually count this period of the match.

Las most common basketball bets They are match winner bets, point handicap bets and total point bets. In these sections, of course, extensions are taken into account.

Therefore, keep in mind the possible extensions for your sports bets because that can help you improve your chances of getting big prizes.

NBA champion betting: who is the favorite?

Los Golden State Warriors were the NBA champions in 2022achieving their seventh ring and sneaking into third place on the podium of the teams with the most titles in the competition.

Heading this ranking are Boston Celticswhich with 17 rings are the franchise that has been proclaimed NBA champion the most times.

With only one less title (16), the Los Angeles Lakers are the second team with the most wounds.

And already in fourth position the Chicago Bulls appear, with six rings in their possession.

What will happen in the 2022-2023 season? Which team will be the winner? Check the predictions and odds of MARCA Apuestas and choose your favourite.

Place your bets on the NBA champion and you can win important prizes. Show everything you know about basketball!

Have you already decided your bet for the NBA champion?

Are you clear about your preferred team to win the title? The 2022-2023 season is long, but surely you already have an idea of ​​who to bet on.

The regular season runs from October 18, 2022 to April 9, 2023, before moving on to the play-in and playoffs. The finals will be in June 2023 and you have to reach the last game in top form.

Make this course more exciting than ever playing with MARCA Apuestas in the NBA. Live all the excitement of basketball!

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