Immutable, a prominent Ethereum-based gaming platform, last Tuesday revealed a notable collaboration with Marblex, the blockchain gaming division of renowned South Korean gaming company Netmarble. This agreement marks a crucial step in the migration of the Marblex ecosystem and its flagship games to the new advanced Ethereum L2 Immutable zkEVM network.

Among the games that will transition from the layer 1 Klaytn blockchain to the Immutable zkEVM are Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds, A3: Still Alive and Meta World: My City. The Immutable zkEVM network, notable for its scalability and efficiency, is a technology developed by Polygon, known for its innovative zkEVM solutions.

Robbie Ferguson, co-founder and president of Immutable, expressed great excitement about the partnership, highlighting South Korea’s importance in the Web3 gaming market. “This is one of the most significant partnerships we have made to date,” commented Ferguson. “Marblex and Netmarble are pioneers here, and South Korea is an exciting hub of developer activity in Web3 games.”

Additionally, the partnership will incorporate an “Ecosystem Boost Program,” which will make up to $20 million available to support developers interested in introducing new games to the Marblex and Immutable ecosystem. This program is a strategic step to strengthen and expand the range of games available on the platform.

In January, Marblex had announced plans to collaborate with layer-1 blockchain network Saga, which would also contribute to user acquisition and support future games. The Saga network specializes in launching dedicated chains that can be used to support games and applications on other blockchain networks.


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