Iconic football figure Lionel Messi has jumped on the meme bandwagon by promoting a new memecoin linked to the Solana blockchain called WaterCoin (WATER). Messi took to his Instagram Stories to draw attention to the project, which aims to raise awareness about environmental issues related to water.

The WaterCoin project aims to be an eco-friendly cryptocurrency, aiming to integrate sustainability into its future operations. According to the crypto project’s documentation, the development of the currency is divided into four strategic phases: starting with the token pre-sale, followed by listing on centralized exchanges, partnerships with celebrities, and finally establishing itself as a currency focused on environmental actions and charity.

The ambitious nature and goals of the project were not detailed in detail in the roadmap, leaving open the question of how exactly these goals will be achieved. Furthermore, the price history of the WATER token shows typical “pump and dump” patterns, a market movement where there is a large increase in price followed by a sharp drop.

Investing in memecoins is always a high-risk game, where the peaks in value often do not correspond to the real utility of the asset. However, the marketing strategy involving personalities like Messi can significantly influence the perception and acceptance of the token.

In the broader context, the popularity of memecoins continues to be a topic of heated debate in the crypto community. While some criticize these assets for potentially damaging the image of the crypto ecosystem and attracting regulatory attention, others argue that they reflect market trends and can foster engaged and valuable communities.

What is WaterCoin ($WATER)?

WaterCoin ($WATER) is a memecoin designed on the Solana blockchain that stands out for its mission to generate a positive impact in the real world, differentiating itself from other common memecoins. The project is the result of a collaboration with the creators of $BEER, a cryptocurrency that has already achieved great success, offering significant returns since its pre-sale and reaching a market capitalization of $500 million, with more than 250,000 holders.

$WATER’s strategy includes global marketing and social campaigns that focus on water-related challenges, attracting billions of views. In addition, the project plans to announce partnerships with major global charities and decision-makers, increasing its reach and effectiveness.

The team behind $WATER has implemented several measures to ensure stability and community trust. Influencers who promote $WATER are subject to vesting contracts, ensuring their long-term commitment to the project and mitigating sudden sell-offs. Additionally, perpetual trading will not be allowed for the first 90 days after launch to ensure a stable environment for early investors.


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