Rob Habermeier, co-founder of Polkadot, recently presented an innovative proposal called “Plaza”. This new system structure aims to integrate the functionalities of parachains into a single chain, with the aim of increasing the scalability of the network. According to Habermeier, this unification can solve significant usability challenges faced by users and developers, arising from the current fragmentation.

The “Plaza” system will not only simplify the management of assets and smart contracts, but will also promote improved interactions between various decentralized applications (dApps) and liquidity providers through minimized fees and more effective bridges. The basis for this evolutionary chain is the existing AssetHub, which supports a variety of portfolios and tool integrations.

One of the key points of Habermeier’s proposal is the implementation of the Elastic Scaling feature which, according to him, will benefit Polkadot by allowing a single chain to meet growing demands up to a critical limit. Later, this pressure could be alleviated by distributing resources and functionalities. Habermeier expressed this vision enthusiastically, saying: “We must work together as an ecosystem to take a single chain with batteries to its breaking point and only then ease the pressure by distributing applications, users and system functionalities. Polkadot has the cores to support all of this at the level of scale the world needs. The city needs to grow out of the center, and that center should be the Square.”

Furthermore, Polkadot’s co-founder suggests that “Plaza” could eventually integrate identity and governance features, further expanding the network’s potential. He reinforces that although the transition to a new chain may initially impact other parts of the network, the end result would be a stimulus for Polkadot’s continued expansion.

Habermeier illustrates this vision by comparing the “Plaza” to global metropolises, stating: “My vision here is that this will be the New York City, Dubai, London or Shenzhen of the Polkadot continent, the first megacity of many and a precursor to a greater expansion. We can enthusiastically implement this plan, knowing that when Plaza is saturated, Polkadot (or JAM) will have the raw validated computing power needed to handle this expansion.”

The proposal must consolidate all of the following resources into a single parachain system, to be evolved from AssetHub and taken to the maximum possible scale:

  1. Asset issuance [atualmente no AssetHub]
  2. Smart Contracts (Rust and EVM via RISC-V/PolkaVM) [Proposto em]
  3. Staking [atualmente na cadeia de retransmissão]
  4. Bridge pallets [atualmente no parachain BridgeHub]
  5. Near-zero fees (until scaling limits are reached)


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