il Capo Of Crypto, a renowned name in the cryptocurrency universe, recently revealed his optimism for a specific altcoin, even amid the widespread market downturn.

The altcoin in question, now known by the combined name ASI, results from the merger of the previously independent FET, AGIX and OCEAN. The highlight came to light during a period of volatility, when Binance, one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, confirmed support for the merger event.

In a more in-depth analysis, il Capo exposed his confidence in the potential of cryptocurrencies linked to the field of artificial intelligence.


One of the reasons I’m bullish on the crypto AI ecosystem is because three of the top companies in this sector look very solid here, and will soon merge tokens into $ASI (around July), which will help boost the sector growth.

Additionally, NVIDIA (NVDA) stock has been very strong lately, forming divergence with crypto AI.

An important part of my portfolio is AI altcoins, from large cap to small cap.

Additionally, il Capo commented on the situation of Nvidia, a giant in the field of artificial intelligence, which, according to him, remains resilient despite adversity. This observation highlights an interesting divergence between the behavior of stocks related to artificial intelligence and cryptocurrencies in the same sector.

The analyst also mentioned that a considerable portion of his portfolio is made up of altcoins within this niche, both with low and high market caps. Betting on cryptocurrencies linked to artificial intelligence seems to be a constant in their investment strategies.


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