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The initial deadline for Ethereum (ETH) ETFs to begin trading was July 2, but that didn’t happen. However, Nate Geraci, president of asset manager The ETF Store, said the ETFs could hit the market on July 15.

According to Gerac’s analysis, the managers will have until July 8 to review their S-1 forms, and their approval should occur on July 12, a Friday. Therefore, the start of trading of the funds on the stock exchange would occur on the following Monday, the 15th.

The final approval of the S-1 forms by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is the last step towards the final approval of Ethereum ETFs.

ETH ETF Coming July 15th

Last Friday (28), the SEC returned the S-1 filings to the managers to resolve some minor issues. Sources familiar with the matter said they are already working on the matter and should return the forms soon.

In late June, the SEC approved 19b-4 filings to list Ethereum ETFs on exchanges. However, they can only go live for trading once the SEC approves the S-1.

Steve Kurz, head of asset management at Galaxy Digital, expected the ETFs to be approved in the coming weeks. Speaking to Bloomberg TV on Tuesday, July 2, Kurtz said the approval of the S-1 forms is a matter of protocol.

“This is a front, the SEC is engaged. We’ve been doing this for months. We did this for the Bitcoin ETF, the products are substantially similar – we know the path, we know the process,” he said.

Ethereum Will Overtake Bitcoin, Says K33

On Tuesday (02), K33 Research published a report stating that Ethereum could outperform Bitcoin (BTC) in terms of appreciation after the approval of ETFs. According to the company, the launch of ETFs would absorb around 0.75% to 1% of the entire circulating supply of the cryptocurrency in just the first five months.

This expectation is in line with that of the Gemini exchange, which predicted inflows of US$5 billion into ETFs in the first six months of launch.

“ETFs are a solid catalyst for Ethereum’s relative strength as summer progresses and inflows build, and I firmly view current ETH/BTC prices as a bargain for the patient trader,” said Vetle Lunde, senior analyst at K33.

The price of ETH in BTC has been steadily increasing, with one ETH worth 0.056 BTC after the launch of the Bitcoin ETFs, up from 0.046 BTC on May 24.

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