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With two consecutive days of sharp declines, most investors are already seeing a new bear market in the current cryptocurrency scenario. Bitcoin (BTC) has fallen below $60,000 and has already accumulated an 8% drop in two days, while Ethereum (ETH) is approaching $3,000.

Part of this decline is due to the delay in the start of trading for the Ethereum ETF, which was approved at the end of June. The market expected the fund to hit the market this week, but the deadline was changed to July 15. This delay frustrated many investors and contributed to the bearish scenario.

But while the main cryptocurrencies on the market are falling, tokens that are in pre-sale continue to raise more money and serve as investors’ great hope. The most recent of these was WAI, from the WienerAI network, whose pre-sale has already reached US$ 7 million and is one of the most promising in 2024.

WienerAI Cryptocurrency Succeeds and Creates “Sausage Army”

The WAI cryptocurrency presale is taking off and is one of the fastest-growing ones currently. According to the official presale website, the memecoin has quickly surpassed the $7 million mark with just two days left until the current round ends.

Of the total supply of 69 billion WAI tokens, 30% (~21 billion) are allocated for presale. This operation gives early investors the opportunity to buy at a low price and earn staking rewards.

In addition to staking, WienerAI has a trading bot that uses AI to analyze cryptocurrency buying and selling points without charging fees. In this way, it offers a product with real utility that can bring great advantages to traders.

Because of this, a veritable “Sausage Army” has emerged, a reference to WienerAI’s mascot being a Daschund dog. This “army” brings together a community of cryptocurrency enthusiasts who love WienerAI memes, which has played a significant role in the project’s success.

Project Roadmap

Next, after the presale launch, WienerAI intends to conduct a smart contract audit and prepare for a global marketing campaign. Subsequent steps involve expanding the Sausage Army, impacting the Ethereum network, and listing WAI on major exchanges.

Finally, the network will officially launch the AI ​​trading bot and allow its community to use the tool in real operations.

Overall, WienerAI’s innovative combination of AI technology and meme culture, combined with its successful presale and real utility, make the cryptocurrency quite promising. And the presale numbers obtained in the midst of a sharp market correction point to this.

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