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One of the most successful presales of 2024 was the Dogeverse memecoin, which raised $15 million over the first half of the year. Launched in early June, the memecoin continued to break price records, culminating in its arrival on the MEXC exchange, which will take place on Thursday (04).

In the first few days of its launch, Dogeverse has accumulated gains of over 10x, but other pre-sales are already underway in the market. And these memecoins could far outperform it, with potential for upside of up to 100x. The main bets on the market are:

Pepe Unchained

Those looking for the “new Dogeverse” should find Pepe Unchained to be the best investment option, as this network emulates the success of the Pepe The Frog meme. But unlike the more famous Pepecoin (PEPE), Pepe Unchained (PEPU) emerges with great utility.

Pepe Unchained is a Layer 2 blockchain focused on launching memecoins on the Ethereum network. Its goal is to provide a safer and cheaper option than Ethereum, which should see the network receive a number of memecoins. It also has a profitable staking service tailored for long-term holders.

And the best part is that PEPU is just beginning its pre-sale, with the lowest prices of the first rounds. But its success was such that it has already surpassed the US$ 2 million mark raised.


PlayDoge had an even more successful presale than Pepe Unchained, having raised over $5.3 million to date. It nearly doubled its presale amount, going from $2.5 million to over $4 million raised, bringing nostalgia combined with the success of memecoins.

In the realm of nostalgia, the developers have created a game inspired by the famous Tamagotchi. Here, you have to take care of a dog named PlayDoge and give him food, water and put him to sleep. Each time you complete a mission, you earn game tokens (PLAY) as a reward.

The game also offers extra missions that allow you to earn more money, without having to invest large sums. With a value of US$0.00515 per token, this is one of the most affordable pre-sales with the highest potential return.

Shiba Shootout

A Shiba Inu dog as a blockchain sheriff. This is the proposal of Shiba Shootout, the latest sensation in the cryptocurrency world. Its pre-sale started a few days ago and is the newest on this list, but the theme and business model of the memecoin have already attracted more than US$ 480 thousand in investments.

Being in its first round, investors participating in the presale can benefit from lower prices and potential early holder rewards. Participating in the Shiba Shooutout ecosystem offers several benefits ranging from exclusive bonuses to lotteries with cash prizes.

Additionally, Shiba Shootout also features Cactus Staking, where users can “plant” their tokens into a digital cactus to earn rewards. And a referral system rewards those who bring new users to the network, strengthening the Old West Shiba ecosystem.

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