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The UK Supreme Court has taken decisive action in relation to Craig Wright. The most drastic of these decisions came from Justice Mellor, who granted a Worldwide Freezing Order (WFO) against Wright in favour of Peter McCormack.

McCormack, creator of the podcast ‘What Bitcoin Did’ and the English football team Real Bedford, had been suing Wright for years and won. As a result, Wright had the equivalent of almost US$ 2 million in assets frozen by the courts.

Since it is a WFO, it applies to any country where Craig Wright has assets, property or wealth. Since 2016, he has claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the creator of Bitcoin (BTC). But in 2024, the British court stated that Wright lied in his claims and that he was unable to prove that he was Satoshi.

Global Freeze Order

According to the court, the WFO order covers £1.548 million, equivalent to $1.97 million, and aims to prevent Wright from moving assets to avoid paying legal costs in the lawsuit against McCormack. Wright has accused McCormack of defamation, but if he loses his case, he will have to pay all the costs of the lawsuit, as well as compensation to the businessman and podcaster.

The defamation case stemmed from McCormack’s social media posts and a YouTube video accusing Wright of lying about his claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto. At the time, Judge Mellor had not yet convicted Wright, so he was still suing anyone who challenged his claims.

In a previous judgment, the court found that Wright had deliberately given false evidence. As a result, “Faketoshi” was awarded just £1 in nominal damages, despite the court acknowledging that “McCormack’s statements seriously damaged Wright’s reputation”.

The Court of Appeal later upheld this decision, citing Wright’s dishonest conduct during the litigation. But the new case, this time tried by Mellor, gave McCormack the victory.

Judge Mellor’s decision to grant the WFO was influenced by Wright’s history of defaulting on payment orders and the risk that he could disappear with his assets. The court noted that Wright had already transferred shares in the company to an offshore entity shortly after losing a previous trial.

Craig Wright loses lawsuits

This latest legal action is part of a broader pattern involving Wright, who is embroiled in multiple lawsuits against those who have accused him of lying about his identity.

One such lawsuit is against the Crypto Open Patent Alliance (COPA) won by the fake Satoshi after the court found substantial evidence that he is not the creator of Bitcoin and falsified documents to try.

The High Court’s decision highlights the serious implications of Wright’s fraudulent conduct and demonstrates the legal remedies available to protect parties from the risk of dissipation of assets in such cases.

The court found that Craig Wright, who presented himself as a polymath capable of creating Bitcoin, presented false evidence to support his claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto. This ruling effectively barred Wright from claiming in any global legal setting that he is the creator of Bitcoin.

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