The co-founder and CEO of Circle, a pioneering company in the development of payment technologies, recently expressed unprecedented optimism about the future of cryptocurrencies. In an update on his social network X, the executive explained the reasons behind his growing enthusiasm for the sector, based on his 35-year career observing the technological transformations that have revolutionized several sectors.

Jeremy Allaire, upon entering the field, envisioned crypto as “the next logical layer of infrastructure for the Internet.” More than a decade later, Allaire sees cryptography poised to boost society and the global economy in impressive ways. He commented: “Cryptocurrencies appear poised to catapult society and the economy in tremendously powerful new ways.”

Despite a still limited general understanding of the vast possibilities of crypto, the Circle co-founder sees this as a reason for optimism. He points out that while mainstream media often focuses on the negative aspects, the cryptocurrency industry has built a vibrant, competitive and innovative community.

The rise in cryptocurrency adoption in recent years is notable, with Bitcoin emerging as one of the top alternative investment assets globally. This growth has also turned cryptocurrencies into a relevant political issue in several nations. Allaire notes that despite impressive advances, we are only at the beginning of an even broader adoption and development trajectory, which he describes as “insanely optimistic.”

Looking ahead, the executive projects significant achievements over the next decade, including the broader adoption of blockchain technology by government entities and the general public, as well as clearer regulation and the adoption of stablecoins. He predicts that stablecoins will become “legal electronic money almost anywhere” by the end of 2025, representing a significant portion of the global electronic money market.

Allaire concludes with an optimistic outlook for the future, anticipating an even greater expansion of the adoption of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies, both in everyday applications and in organizational and government structures. He is confident that we are just at the beginning of a journey that will fundamentally transform the way the economy and society operate, driven by blockchain infrastructure and the growing adoption of stablecoins.


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