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Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has revealed long-awaited details about the network’s upcoming hard fork, dubbed “Chang.” In a livestream from Wyoming, Hoskinson highlighted the platform’s significant progress and key milestones achieved, paving the way for this crucial upgrade.

Hoskinson began the session by reflecting on the challenges and achievements of the past few years. “It’s been a very long period,” he said, noting that despite some setbacks, the Cardano ecosystem has managed to overcome obstacles, especially in the area of ​​governance.

Completion of all elements of CIP 1694, which took about two years, was a crucial milestone mentioned by Hoskinson.

The centerpiece of the update was the announcement that node 9.0, which is essential for the Chang hard fork, is nearly complete. “The most exciting thing about node 9.0 is that it is nearly ready for the Chang Hard Fork,” Hoskinson said.

This update follows version 8.2.2 and has been refined to ensure compatibility and stability. The new node is scheduled to be released next week, with the update expected to be flagged on Monday or Tuesday, assuming no new issues arise.


The Chang hard fork marks the transition to the Voltaire era, a phase of development focused on governance. This stage, which took two years to achieve, is seen as a pivotal point in Cardano’s evolution.

The network’s node density needs to reach approximately 70% for the hard fork to occur, ushering in new governance capabilities and greater community involvement in network decisions.

Hoskinson also addressed future challenges, especially in the Basho era, which focuses on network scalability and optimization. He noted that this phase will require significant community input to balance various tradeoffs between on-chain and off-chain data handling and other technical decisions, such as on-chain sharding and transaction processing modifications.

“Basho is a very multidimensional thing and requires a lot of discussion about what direction and tradeoffs people want, whether they want more off-chain or on-chain traffic, whether they want some kind of on-chain sharding, whether they want, if any, protocols like Leios and their tradeoffs,” Hoskinson explained.

Additionally, he mentioned upcoming milestones on the roadmap, such as Plutus V3, Hydra, Leios, and Mithril, which will be candidates for the upcoming governance vote. This vote will ratify Basho’s final state and resource allocation, highlighting the transition to a fully community-driven development model.

Reflecting on Cardano’s trajectory, Hoskinson highlighted the growth of the community and its increasing control over the roadmap, evidencing the platform’s maturation into a leading blockchain.

He celebrated the progress, stating that Cardano has moved from a static, federated system to a dynamic, decentralized system with world-class staking and a robust smart contract platform.

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