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MicroStrategy was the first US-listed company to buy Bitcoin (BTC), but it will hardly be the last. And another giant that may be heading down the same path is computer manufacturer Dell.

On Thursday (20) the company’s CEO and founder, Michael Dell, had two attitudes that excited Crypto Twitter. First, Dell retweeted a message written on the X by Michael Saylor, founder of MicroStrategy. Afterwards, the businessman retweeted another message that had a meme related to BTC.

According to the most recent data, Dell has a market value of more than US$100 billion, considering the current share price of US$146.33. Furthermore, the company has around US$6 billion in cash, which could make it one of the largest BTC holders on the market.

Interaction between Saylor and Dell

It all started on Thursday, when Dell wrote a message on his X account: “Scarcity creates value”. Interestingly, Dell did not make any reference to Bitcoin, but that was enough for several enthusiasts to interact with his message.

The one who stood out the most was Michael Saylor, now executive president of MicroStrategy, responding to Dell that “Bitcoin is digital scarcity”. The Dell founder not only liked Saylor’s response, but also retweeted it to his more than 700,000 followers.

Then, the Bitcoin Archive profile, which compiles historical files about Bitcoin, also joined the conversation, interacting with Saylor and Dell. Taking advantage of the fact that both have “Michael” as their first name, the profile said: “two Michaels buying Bitcoin is better than one”.

Interaction between “Michaels” about Bitcoin. Source: X

The exchange didn’t end there. A few hours later, Dell later posted an image of the Cookie Monster profile, which makes memes with the Sesame Street character Come Come. Apparently, the profile made edits to show the famous children’s character devouring bitcoin instead of cookies.

Saylor joined in and retweeted the photo saying he would use it as an avatar, and Michael Dell did the same thing. The founder of Dell also recommended for your followers to follow the account.

Initially as CEO, and now executive president of MicroStrategy, Saylor not only led the company to the acquisition of 226,331 BTC, accumulating assets worth US$15 billion at the time of writing. This week, the company acquired another 11,900 BTC, as reported by CriptoFácil.

Since 2020, Saylor has also evangelized for other companies to follow suit and put BTC on their balance sheets. In 2024, medical company Samler Scientific decided to follow this strategy and made two BTC purchases since May. So far, Michael Dell has given no sign that his company will buy Bitcoin.

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