In a bold move that marks the countdown to the launch of its Ethereum-based ETFs scheduled for July 2, Bitwise Asset Management has released a provocative commercial. In this announcement, the company contrasts the agility and continued accessibility of Ethereum with the limitations of traditional finance, represented by an older, visibly fatigued man.

With the slogan “Unlike big finance, Ethereum doesn’t clock out at 4pm,” Bitwise not only highlights Ethereum’s superior capabilities but also directly challenges the status quo of the traditional financial market.

The narrative unfolds when the older man, a symbol of traditional finance, comments that he “went off work” after a strenuous journey from 9:30 am until the end of the day. Ethereum’s reaction is surprising, highlighting its ability to operate uninterruptedly. “Actually I do. You know, stablecoins, NFTs, loans. People can access me 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”, explains the Ethereum character, highlighting the accessibility and versatility of the platform.

In addition to the humor, the commercial serves as a backdrop for the discussion about the evolution of Ether-based ETFs in the United States. The expectation of ETFs is further fueled by Pantera Capital Management, which has shown significant interest, signaling the possibility of acquiring up to US$100 million in ETF shares. It is important to note that these numbers are not guaranteed, but they open the door to several investment possibilities.

Bloomberg ETF analyst Eric Balchunas mentioned that Ether ETFs could be traded in the US soon, specifically within two weeks. This development marks a pivotal point for Ethereum in the traditional financial landscape, advancing not only blockchain technology but also expanding the boundaries of what is possible in terms of traditional financial products.


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