After starting the week trading below the US$60,000 level, the price of Bitcoin (BTC) managed to recover in the last 24 hours and returned to the US$61,000 zone.

Traders appear to be spooked by the news that failed exchange Mt.Gox will pay its creditors from July. Around US$9 billion in Bitcoin will be paid starting next week, and this could trigger a wave of liquidation if they sell their tokens.

Furthermore, with investors fleeing to other cryptocurrencies, the Bitcoin market dominance index showed the biggest drop since January. As per TradingView data that was shared by CoinDesk, on June 25, Bitcoin dominance registered a drop of 1.8%, going to 54.34% currently. This is the largest single-day percentage drop since January 12.

At the time of publication, the price of Bitcoin was quoted at US$61,013.22, down 0.2% in the last 24 hours. The price of the largest cryptocurrency reached its peak today at around $61,050. In its weekly development, the price of the largest cryptocurrency has seen a drop of 6.5% in the last seven days.

Mt. Gox will distribute $9 billion in Bitcoin; Payments in BTC and BCH will start in July

A recent statement reported that the extinct exchange Mt. Gox is expected to begin distributing Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin cash (BCH) payments starting next month. On June 24, a notice sent by rehabilitation curator Nobuaki Kobayashi was released.

According to the notice, the rehabilitation administrator is currently in the preparation phase to make payments in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash under the Rehabilitation Plan. Payments should begin at the beginning of July.

“The rehabilitation administrator is preparing to make payments in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash under the Rehabilitation Plan. Now that these preparations are in place, the Rehabilitation Administrator will begin payments in Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash… starting in early July 2024,” Kobayashi stated in the document.


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