The former US president and current candidate for the position, Donald Trump, publicly expressed, on June 12, his support for cryptocurrency mining, including the production of Bitcoin in the country. Trump participated in a meeting yesterday where he received important figures from the crypto mining sector.

Matthew Schultz, executive chairman of CleanSpark Inc., highlighted Trump’s positive stance towards cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin mining. Riot Platforms CEO Jason Les and head of public policy Brian Morgenstern also met with the former president.

“President Trump will protect your right to own Bitcoin, mine Bitcoin, transact Bitcoin and, for many of us, work in the Bitcoin industry,” Morgenstern said.

In a recent publication, Trump highlighted his stance in favor of the cryptocurrency industry, highlighting the important role of Bitcoin mining in stabilizing the energy grid. On this occasion, the former US president highlighted his support for the sector.

“Bitcoin mining could be our last line of defense against a CBDC. Biden’s hatred of Bitcoin only helps China, Russia and the Radical Communist Left. We want all remaining Bitcoins to be MADE IN THE USA!!! This will help us to be ENERGY DOMINANT!!!”, he wrote.

Donald Trump Proclaims Himself “President of Cryptos”

During a fundraiser in San Francisco, former United States President and presidential candidate Donald Trump declared himself the “President of Crypto.” The meeting, which was a meeting point for leading figures in the technology sector, was attended by prominent venture capitalists, including David Sacks and Chamath Palihapitiya, who helped organize the event. This event stood out not only for the fund meeting, but also for Trump’s impactful statements about his vision for the future of cryptocurrencies.

“We are at the forefront of an important movement. I will be the president of crypto,” said Trump, reinforcing his commitment to the development of this emerging sector. This comment came in the context of broader criticism of Democrats, who he said have been trying to impose excessive regulations that could stagnate the growth of the digital asset market.

In his speech, Trump also expressed his continued support for the cryptocurrency sector, promising to favor policies that benefit the ecosystem.


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