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B3, the Brazilian Stock Exchange, announced ambitious plans to expand its offering in the cryptocurrency segment.

At an event organized by fund manager QR Asset, Felipe Gonçalves, superintendent of interest and currency products at B3, revealed that the institution is internally studying the launch of Ethereum futures contracts. Furthermore, it is considering introducing an options market for Bitcoin.

This decision comes in response to strong demand for existing crypto products and reflects a strategy to attract more institutional investors to the market.

B3 already offers cryptocurrency ETFs and Bitcoin futures contracts. According to Gonçalves, the demand for these products has been great, motivating the stock market to consider new options.

“In the field of ETFs, the idea is to continue promoting liquidity programs,” said the executive. The Bitcoin futures contract, launched on April 17 of this year, was just the beginning. Now, the exchange is looking at new futures contracts, such as Ethereum.

B3 plans to expand crypto investment options

In addition to Ethereum futures, B3 plans to launch an options market, which is crucial for more robust entry from institutional investors.

“The more assets we have there for protection, the better for institutional investors,” highlighted Gonçalves.

The options market allows investors to trade contracts that give the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell an underlying asset at a predetermined price within a specific period.

Options market

In the context of cryptocurrencies, options offer a significant risk management tool. For example, if an investor believes that the price of Bitcoin will rise, he can purchase a call option, granting the right to acquire Bitcoin at a fixed price in the future.

If the price rises above this value, the investor can exercise the option and buy at a lower price, making a profit. If the price does not rise, the investor only loses the premium paid for the option.

Official B3 numbers

Unlike options, in the futures market, the investor commits to buying or selling a specific asset on a future date at a pre-determined price. This type of contract is essential for investors looking for specific risk and return strategies.

During the talk, Gonçalves shared relevant data about the crypto sector at B3. Currently, there are 14 cryptocurrency ETFs listed, including an ETF BDR, with a total net worth of R$5 billion and 180 thousand investors. In 2024, these ETFs moved an average of R$52 million per day, with a peak of R$200 million in a single trading session.

Of this volume, R$15 million corresponds to Bitcoin ETF negotiations and R$6 million to Ethereum ETFs. Investors, individuals and foreigners account for two thirds of the volume invested, while institutional investors account for one third.

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