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Arbitrum, a leading scaling solution for Ethereum, has announced a groundbreaking partnership with ANKR to launch a new Rollups-as-a-Service (RaaS) application.

This collaboration aims to facilitate the development and management of blockchains, allowing developers to launch and manage their own testnets and mainnets without the need for complex coding and infrastructure management.

Asphere, a company created by the ANKR leadership team, has revealed the launch of a no-code deployment tool on its RaaS platform.

This new functionality promises to revolutionize the way developers work, eliminating the need to focus on infrastructure and allowing them to focus on business solutions.

According to Steve Goldfeder, CEO of Offchain Labs, the collaboration with Asphere is an exciting milestone for Arbitrum. He highlighted that the new no-code deployer will enable skilled developers to launch scalable solutions faster and more efficiently.

“By simplifying implementation, we are enabling experienced teams to focus on building innovative applications rather than configuring infrastructure,” said Goldfeder. “These advancements are crucial to driving the next wave of blockchain adoption and practical enterprise applications.”


Tyler Sloan, senior product manager at Asphere RaaS, commented on the company’s commitment to democratizing access to blockchain technology. He praised the no-code deployer tool, noting that it will bring about a significant change in the industry.

Sloan emphasized that developers can now launch applications through the platform with just a few clicks, allowing enterprise teams and developers to focus on the business logic of solutions, leaving the infrastructure complexities to Asphere.

During the initial phase, the no-code deployer tool will include support for launching Arbitrum Orbit rollups. However, the company revealed that more options will be available to developers in the coming weeks.

This feature is the latest update to Asphere’s RaaS product, which aims to be the industry’s most advanced offering, delivering no-code benefits alongside full blockchain engineering and maintenance.

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