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Following the successful airdrop of Notcoin, which launched the biggest gaming token of 2024 so far, The Open Network (TON) platform is preparing to welcome a new wave of Telegram-based games.

Among the highlights are Tapswap and Yescoin, which recently announced their debuts on the TON blockchain. The projects promised new token airdrops and an improved gaming experience for users.

Notcoin’s early success set a precedent in the crypto gaming space on Telegram. Launched with a large airdrop of tokens, Notcoin attracted millions of players and showed the potential of Telegram-integrated games. This success inspired other developers to follow the same path, using TON’s infrastructure to enhance their projects.

Tapswap, a game with around 50 million players, announced on Thursday that it will abandon Solana wallet integration to launch on TON.

The game, which involves tapping a gold coin on your smartphone screen to earn in-game coins, aims to provide a better experience for its growing community.

“This thoughtful decision is the best option to provide the best experience for our growing community,” the project tweeted.

Games on the TON network

Tapswap players can expect a future airdrop of the token, similar to the model that made Notcoin a success. The transition to TON is a way to take advantage of the scalability and security offered by this blockchain.

Yescoin, another Telegram-based game, is following a different premise. With a lo-fi pixel aesthetic, the game involves players accumulating coins by swiping their fingers across the screen.

Like Tapswap, Yescoin allows players to use their coins for in-game improvements and advantages. Recently, the project announced its collaboration with TON, hinting at a potential “YES” token ticker and improved gaming experience.

Open Network highlighted that Yescoin has accumulated around 18 million users in just over a month. This shows the rapid growth and acceptance of crypto games on the TON platform.

Another highlight is Hamster Kombat, a game that takes the clicker concept to a new level. In this game, players take on the role of a hamster who runs a cryptocurrency exchange.

Hamster Kombat announced in late May that it will launch a token on TON, with the team claiming over 100 million players to date. The token is scheduled to launch in July, promising to further expand the user base and integration with TON.

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