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Among the various sectors that bring promising cryptocurrencies to 2024 is play-to-earn (P2E), or “play to earn”. In this modality, you can earn tokens by playing blockchain games that pay rewards for completing these tasks.

P2E’s success began in 2020 with the emergence of Axie Infinity, but the market has evolved rapidly since then. Today there are several games that allow you to earn extra income without having to invest large sums. And Telegram is one of the networks that received the main games of the year, with emphasis on Notcoin, recently launched.

But beyond that, other games promise to offer returns both in terms of token delivery and the market value of the tokens themselves. And some of the tokens that promise the biggest returns of the year are in the list below, which we will talk about in today’s text:


PixelVerse is a multiplayer game that works along the lines of 8-bit RPGs released in the 1980s and 1990s. Here the player has to explore a magical universe and complete tasks such as destroying enemies, conquering space and other specific missions.

This token has several NFTs that represent controllable characters, such as wizards, goblins and sorcerers. You can complete the missions alone or count on the help of friends through chat interaction. Furthermore, multiplayer mode allows you to play with people from all over the world, making new friends.

The project emerged in 2021 and gained greater prominence this year, which opens up enormous profit potential. After all, the price of the PIXEL token has a discount of more than 90% compared to its historical high, but the fundamentals of PixelVerse are much better.

Hamster Kombat

A slot machine fusion with Alvin and the Chipmunks. This is how Hamster Kombat works, a game that you can play directly on Telegram through a bot.

This game has grown a lot in popularity and, as a result, it now has almost 40 million subscribers on its channel. Hamster Kombat does not yet have a token, but players can collect coins and fictional items within the game. They will later be able to exchange these items for the future token.

The game appears to be very simple: you access the channel, click on the screen to collect coins and items and accumulate them. Therefore, Hamster Kombat should reward the most patient players through the distribution of its token in the future.


This memecoin pays homage to the famous game Tamagochi, popular in Brazil during the 1990s, a tribute that brought excellent results. Furthermore, PlayDoge is in pre-sale, a fact that could increase the chances of a strong appreciation for those who purchase the token at this stage.

The biggest proof of this is that in less than two days, PlayDoge almost doubled the amount raised in its pre-sale, going from US$2.5 million to more than US$4 million raised. At the time of writing this text, memecoin is already approaching US$5 million, which is a remarkable feat.

Like the famous Japanese game, in PlayDoge you have a pet that must be fed, watered, slept and walked. But what sets PlayDoge apart is that you can participate in games within the platform and earn additional PLAY tokens as rewards. And if the PlayDoge ecosystem grows, these tokens could provide a huge return.


The Open Network (TON) was initially called Telegram Open Network and, as the name suggests, it was already big, with the support of the famous messaging application. With a user network that reaches more than 900 million, Telegram has managed to grow this network significantly.

Even with the change in name, Telegram continues to be linked to and supporting TON, which resulted in strong growth in the use of the network, which even surpassed Solana and Ethereum at several times.

Its token, TON, has seen approximately eightfold gains over the past 12 months, which reflects TON’s expansion. Memecoins and staking protocols have driven most of this growth, but blockchain gaming has started to emerge as a new route to drive TON adoption.

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