Celebrated artist Curtis James Jackson III, popularly known as “50 Cent,” has forcefully disassociated himself from allegations placing him as part of a $500 million crypto scandal. The incident occurred after hackers took control of his communication platforms, including his Twitter account and website.

Bad actors used the massive reach of 50 Cent, who has nearly 13 million followers on Twitter, to promote a fake token called “GUNIT.” This particular scam consisted of artificially inflating the value of the token, followed by a massive sale, which dropped the price to a measly $0.00016.

The artist, who also has a vast fan base on Instagram — more than 33 million — shared details about the hack, elucidating that the Twitter team promptly intervened to reverse control of the account. “Twitter worked quickly to lock my account again. Whoever did this made $300 million in 30 minutes,” explained Fif on his social media.

Reiterating his position, the rapper stated he has no connection with the GUNIT token. He even posted images of discussions in the crypto community, reinforcing his distance from the scheme. This is not 50 Cent’s first encounter with the world of cryptocurrencies. In 2018, he was involved in news that suggested a huge profit from Bitcoin due to early adoption, where his album “Animal Ambition” was purchasable via Bitcoin.

However, these reports were later refuted by the artist himself in legal documents during his bankruptcy proceedings, where he clarified that Bitcoin payments did not result in significant profits. Since then, despite rumors, Fif’s involvement in cryptocurrencies has been sporadic and less profitable than previously speculated.


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